How Do I Order Bulk (Wholesale)?

This article covers minimum orders (MOQs) and how they affect pricing, how to order bulk including the order forms, and other tips.

A bulk or wholesale order is a large volume order. A bulk order is the order you make to sell your products.

When you are sampling, you are developing or testing out some styles for your label. 

When ordering bulk however, the fit, design and details of each design is already settled. 

You also have an idea of what prints and colors you want for each style.

If you haven’t settled your prints yet, then you must first order print strikes, so that you can approve the colors and proportions (size) of the prints. Read more about prints here.

The bulk order will be less costly per piece than your sample order, because the order is large, so your we can produce at a lower price. But this concept also comes with a couple limitations on your order.

These limitations we call MOQs (Minimum Order Quantity).

Bulk MOQs: Volume

Download full size MOQ price chart here.

This is our MOQ price chart for bulk order volume. It shows a range of prices if you order at different volumes.​

The volume order is calculated as all pieces you order (not sets). As example, to each MOQ 500 you can order 200 tops 200 bottoms and 100 swimsuits. Or in any other variation.

In the chart we have a baseline price example, let's say the example is of a bikini top, that costs US$10, at standard pricing = MOQ 500.

Now, we'll go through each category in the price chart.

Level 1: Sample Order

Quantity: 0-50 pcs

Starting furthest to the left, we have a sample order, orders between 0-50 pcs total. These area actually not bulk orders at all because volume is too small, and because of that, they are priced highly. All sample orders will cost 200% more, so that US$10 top will cost US$30 instead.

In this range a US$10 top costs 200% more - US$30

Level 2: Small Bulk Order

Quantity Range 1: 51-299 pcs

Next step up from sample order we have a small bulk order. This is an actual bulk order and is priced better. We have 2 ranges here, in the first range (51-299 pcs) we add 75% on top of standard pricing. 

In this range a US$10 top costs 75% more - US$17.5.

Quantity Range 2: 300-499pcs

At the second level of small bulk order our surcharge (pay extra price) is less, only 25%. 

In this range a US$10 top costs 25% more - US$12.5.

Level 3: Medium Bulk Order

Quantity: 500-999 pcs
​(standard pricing)

Next level up you reach our medium bulk, this is where our prices are benchmarked at and our standard pricing is at. Most our clients will produce in this range, especially when starting out for their first seasons. We recommend those with an suitable budget to start here for their first collection. Smaller is possible too, but you will have less products to sell and your margins will be smaller.

In this range a $10 top costs $10 (no extra no less). 

Level 4: Large Wholesale

Quantity Range 1: 1000-2499

Perhaps you're an already established brand, or you've grown with us. At this production level we offer discounts to you.

In this range a US$10 top costs 15% less - US$8.5.

Quantity Range 2: 2500-4999

Even larger quantities

Here, a US$10 top costs 15% less - US$8.5

Quantity Range 3: 5000+

For quantities at this range, please inquire with us to discuss pricing, timelines and possibilities.

If you want to read more about budgeting at different volumes for both sampling and bulk, read here. It goes into details with many examples which can be really helpful.

Bulk MOQs: Per Style

This is the second concept of MOQ for bulk orders. 
You need to order at least 20 pcs per color (or print) per style.


​If you want to order a particular Bikini Top in 3 colors (black, white and blue) and 2 prints (striped and leopard).

That means you will need to order minimum 20 per color, and 20 per print. 

Example: 20 black, 20 white, 20 blue, 20 striped and 20 leopard. 100 in total.

Per size, minimum 5. Example 5 XS, 5 S, 5 M, 5 L.

What is important is that below 20, we can not accept it as a bulk order.

Bulk Re-Orders

For re-order (refill) of any bulk order our MOQ is 200 pcs (order within 6 months) with no additional payment. It's a flat rate.

(But again with minimum of 20 pcs per style and color/print).

Bulk Order Form

Below is the layout of the bulk order form. Below the image are explanations for each column.

You can download our bulk order form here.

Column 1: Style Code 
This is simply a short code for yours style, example, if my brand was called Super Swim, and this if my first style,  I may call it SS01.

Column 2: Style Name
Give your particular style some name. It's not a must, but can be helpful to describe the style to yourself and your manufacturer.

Column 3: Fabric
Do you want the sample in Indonesian Lycra? Carvico VITA? Corduroy? See our fabrics here.

Column 4: Color/Print
What fabric did you sample with? What did you like?

Indonesian Lycra or Corduroy 
Usually in stock, ready to go and we can start production directly.

Italian Carvico VITA
Usually 4-6 weeks order time from Italy. Have minimum order requirements. Lead time and availability will be notified when we review your order.

Italian Jl Bristol or Carvico Panama
Usually 8-10 weeks order time from Italy because frequently out of stock also in Italy so needs to be produced. Lead time and availability will be notified when we review your order.

Column 5: Size
Here you determine how many of each size you want to order from a style. your order for each size. Our range is set at XXS-XL but you can adjust this range to whatever suitable for you. When ordering you must mention if you are using our size chart, or your own.

A recommendation is to get more sizes in the center of your sizes. If your range is XS-L as example perhaps you want to order 5 XS, 7 S, 7 M, 5 L. But this all depends on your target market, your fits, etc.

Column 6: Total Qty
For each style and color or print, meaning, for each row in this bulk order form, you must order minimum 20pcs, like in the example given. 

Minimum per size is 5, example 5 XS, 5 S, 5 M, 5 L  or any other configuration but 20 total is the minimum. Ordering less than 20 may be refused or incur large surcharges (extra payment). Why? Because it’s very slow to produce  small quantities. For us, below 20 pcs is the same like producing samples = slow = expensive.

You can download our ready design catalogue here.
You can download our bulk order form here.

When it's ready, please send to [email protected] or to your assigned sales representative. 💪