How Do I Start? How Do I Order My First Samples?

To make (manufacture) your own swim line you might first want to order some samples. 👙👙👙

A sample order is simply a small order of the styles that you are interested of in your collection.

There's 3 ways to order samples:

1. Easy 
2. Easier 
3. Easiest

Easy ⭐️

You want to do all your own designs only from scratch (custom design) You need to fill in  sample specs for each design you want to develop. Then you must complete our sample order form.

Easier ⭐️⭐️

You are happy with a few of your own designs mixed with some of ours. For this you need to fill in a couple sample specs for your own designs and choose some from our catalogue. You complete our sample order form and... voila!

Easiest ⭐️⭐️⭐️

You find styles you like in our ready design catalogue, note down the names, colors and size our sample order form and... done!

For all startup labels we recommend the easiest or easier way. This means you choose our ready designs only (easiest), or perhaps mix with a couple of your own (easier). This way you get more time and attention to develop your brand, than to be stuck in development. It can be great fun, but it can also be a bit demanding while starting out.

So, how do I fill in the sample spec then?

(This is only needed for Custom Design) 

Easy. Front and back photo is enough (you can choose a photo from a design you like, and perhaps draw some adjustment on that design or so). You can write additional comments about the design, this is all in our template. See below.

And, how do I fill in the sample order form?

(A must is for Ready Design, Custom Design or mix) 

Also easy. Here is how it looks like and how you do it.

Column 1: Style Code 
This is simply a short code for yours style, example, if my brand was called Super Swim, and this if my first style,  I may call it SS01.

Column 2: Style Name
Give your particular style some name. It's not a must, but can be helpful to describe the style to yourself and your manufacturer.

Column 3: Fabric
Do you want the sample in Indonesian Lycra? Carvico VITA? Corduroy? See our fabrics here.

Column 4: Color/Print
If this is your first sample and you just want to see fit, it could be just white, or black. But perhaps you want to make it in colors and prints directly? If so, you must mark down this here.

Note: Carvico VITA is only available in white or black for sampling.

Column 5: Size
What size do you want your samples in? If you have a fitting model, or you yourself will fit the style, then you should use this size. We recommend to sample all styles in the same size, so you are aware of our sizing.

How many samples to  order?

Usually we receive orders of 8-12 samples (styles). From there you can make your best selection. But we see anything from 2 to 25. Up to you.

It's more expensive (per piece) to order samples than bulk (large volume order). Why? Because small orders are time-consuming to do for your manufacturer. So, we charge 3X the usual price for samples. Example, as $10 bikini top in bulk production will cost $30 as a sample.

You can download the sample spec here.

You can download our ready design catalogue here.

You can download our sample order form here.

When it's ready, please send to [email protected] or to your assigned sales representative.